Caging The Merrow
(The Merrow Trilogy, Book 3)

Released - December 2017

Anti-hero and functioning alcoholic Evie McFagan enters into a dark agreement with her estranged brother, Richard. Their family history has driven Richard to destroy creatures within a world hidden from us all. Richard wants Evie to join their murderous family business. As the siblings journey North to the wild coastline of Maine, Evie must decide where her loyalties lie--with her strange nefarious family ties? Or with the man who loves her unconditionally? In an exotic, underground establishment in Providence, a place that caters to the whims of the 1%, ancient mermaid Nomia is dealing with her own newly-surfaced family issues. A mysterious woman has kidnapped her and reveals the true nature of Nomia’s origins. As Nomia faces her own enigmatic decision she also must make a choice. Should she join her long-lost mother in the business of exploiting others like herself even if it means sacrificing her own sister in the process? Or should she bring an end to a dynasty of supernatural exploitation once and for all? CAGING THE MERROW is the thrilling third and final book in the dark historical fantasy series, The Merrow Trilogy.

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