I was the Featured Author of the Day on Many Books!

Readers describe the book as “ugly, gruesome, laugh out loud hilarious and full of action.”
Is that the experience you were trying to provide when you were writing the book?

I recently read somewhere that horror and comedy are strange, but loving bedfellows and I believe this to be true. In fact, I think you could describe my twenties as ugly, gruesome, laugh out loud hilarious and full of action. When I wrote the books, I wanted the humanity that you witnessed to be grounded in reality. I ask my readers to believe in killer mermaids. If I don’t provide familiar ground to stand on, would you really want to go on that ride with me? That’s how the book became life-like—full of flaws, gruesome, and ridiculous.

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Heather Rigney

Writer, artist, and underwater fire-breather, Heather Rigney is the author of The Merrow Trilogy, a dark historical fantasy series. Heather also likes to make stuff. Stuff with words, stuff with paint, stuff that's pretty, and stuff that's not. Heather's stories reflect a dark childhood spent in the woods of northern Rhode Island. At the moment, she resides in Pawtuxet Village, RI with a family (both chosen and created) that she adores.