NEW book, NEW shirts!

The new book is almost here (release date is December 7, but you can pre-order right now by clicking here.) and that means--new shirts! Featuring the glorious PVD skyline, these shirts are sure to delight any Rhode Islander or non-Rhode Islander. Either way, you're supporting an Indie mermaid. Head over to the merch store where you can buy any of the merchandise from the previous book releases. 


Heather Rigney

Writer, artist, and underwater fire-breather, Heather Rigney is the author of The Merrow Trilogy, a dark historical fantasy series. Heather also likes to make stuff. Stuff with words, stuff with paint, stuff that's pretty, and stuff that's not. Heather's stories reflect a dark childhood spent in the woods of northern Rhode Island. At the moment, she resides in Pawtuxet Village, RI with a family (both chosen and created) that she adores.