I'm so excited to share my new website with you! I hope you enjoy it and can find everything with ease. 


Please feel free to browse around the navigation. Visit the pages. Maybe check out the deal I have going on in the shop.

Other Authors: I used advice from this website to guide the creation of my site. I also looked at  Gillian Flynn's author site, as well as Lauren Kate.  I felt that both individuals were hitting the right marks (buy it links, newsletter signups, current book up front and center) as well as setting a darker tone--which I believe my work reflects.

Fans: Be sure to sign up for the news updates below to stay up to date on all the latest releases, signings, events, etc. Also, coming soon, the Resources page will be featuring insider Merrow Trilogy information. Things that the fans have asked for, such as maps, pronunciation guides, historical background references, etc, will be featured here. Think of it as the bonus features on a DVD release. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to see something featured! 

I suppose now that I have finished designing this website, I need to get on priority number 1-- the writing of Caging the Merrow! Here's a cover prototype teaser for your viewing pleasure. 

Heather Rigney

Writer, artist, and underwater fire-breather, Heather Rigney is the author of The Merrow Trilogy, a dark historical fantasy series. Heather also likes to make stuff. Stuff with words, stuff with paint, stuff that's pretty, and stuff that's not. Heather's stories reflect a dark childhood spent in the woods of northern Rhode Island. At the moment, she resides in Pawtuxet Village, RI with a family (both chosen and created) that she adores.