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Readers describe the book as “ugly, gruesome, laugh out loud hilarious and full of action.”
Is that the experience you were trying to provide when you were writing the book?

I recently read somewhere that horror and comedy are strange, but loving bedfellows and I believe this to be true. In fact, I think you could describe my twenties as ugly, gruesome, laugh out loud hilarious and full of action. When I wrote the books, I wanted the humanity that you witnessed to be grounded in reality. I ask my readers to believe in killer mermaids. If I don’t provide familiar ground to stand on, would you really want to go on that ride with me? That’s how the book became life-like—full of flaws, gruesome, and ridiculous.

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Other Authors: I used advice from this website to guide the creation of my site. I also looked at  Gillian Flynn's author site, as well as Lauren Kate.  I felt that both individuals were hitting the right marks (buy it links, newsletter signups, current book up front and center) as well as setting a darker tone--which I believe my work reflects.

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