Thursday, January 17, 2013

FREE Original Star Wars Lyrics- Nerd Girl not included

Everyone has their thing--the thing they like, perhaps the thing that may or may not have traveled with them since childhood.

Mine is Star Wars. 

It's always been there. I've even posted about my unfulfilled Star Wars dreams of youth in this post. Being of the write sort, I also occasionally like to write songs. Some are incredibly stupid (my favorites), some were based on dares from my husband, and some just happen. My darling husband even recorded one.

And then there are the Star Wars Songs (SWS).

My dream was to have a band called, "Ani & the Kins." I am now releasing this band name to the world, along with my SWS, in hopes that some other, more musically-talented nerds will take the torch (light saber) and go forth to make others smile. You have my blessing. I only ask that you give me credit in a font preferably over 10 pts and that you let me know that you used it.

Here's the first one, world:

Original Lyrics by Heather Rigney

I know you're a dreamer
I'll buy you a racer
The sand isn't any beiger
over there

Don't leave
Don't leave Tattoine
My Golden Boy

Oh, my brother's child
The universe is wild
There's so much I can't say
Won't you just stay?


We'll fix the irrigation
We've all got our frustrations
But it's a farmer's life
That we had planned

Won't you stay
There's nothing out there anyway
Please don't fly
There's three sun's in our sky
One for me
One for you
and one…for Aunt Beru


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Writing Prompt - Inspirations from the Dead

Jewel Street Cemetery, Mansfield, MA

Have you ever wandered through a really old graveyard and looked, I mean really looked, at the names, the dates, and/or the little extra something family members may have added?

There's a richness in that information. I challenge you, dear writer, to enter a graveyard (preferably an older one--they have the best off-beat stuff) and read some of the headstones. Do some math and figure out the ages. Check out the relationships of those buried nearby one another. Take note of some of the quotes chosen by the burying family included on the stones.

There's a story in there, maybe a poem, a haiku, a limerick, and/or a song.

Here's one that haunted me (pun intended.)

Jewel Street Cemetery, Mansfield, MA
The small writing on the bottom reads: Like shocks of corn that's fully ripe, He to the grave is borne. Of earthly things, a perfect type. Then let us cease to mourn.

No one talks like that anymore! This is some serious, heavy 1800 wording! Very inspirational.

Through our wanderings we also found a gravestone (in the same cemetery as featured above) of a girl who's age turned out to be eleven. Okay, nothing amiss there, UNTIL... you read that she was the wife of so and so and the grave next to her was that of an infant who died the same day. The husband went on to live a long time AND there was another wife in the same vicinity. Is this not a Decemberist song or what?

There is another cemetery near our home that is filled with sea captains and their families. How interesting is that? The names are usually fantastic as well.

I give you this gem, Fanny wife of Rufus King, born October 14, 1780, died March 4, 1867. When all the dust return to earth as it was and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it…

Jewel Street Cemetery, Mansfield, MA

Let me know how it goes. I'm always interested in reading a dark and lovely tale of the dead...
***Insert evil laugh here***
Your Favorite Mermaid