Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mermaid Coloring Page - please print, color, enjoy!

I loved to color in coloring books when I was young.
I still do.
I'm still young.
No, really.
I am.

Anyway, this past summer, I was quite inspired (and impressed!) by Nina Chakrabati's coloring book, MY WONDERFUL WORLD OF FASHION

It's amazing! Where else can you design your own fingernails, gloves, and shoes while learning the history of fashion across different cultures and eras?

I was camping and I saw a few of the cool, older girls in our group busting out this book and some fancy coloring implements.
I was soooo jealous! 
They sat for hours coloring, side by side, remarking on each other's progress. *sigh* It was warm then, too, NOT the balmy 26 degrees it is now... Insert sad face.

Well, I made my own fancy coloring sheets, and I plan on releasing them over the next few weeks (maybe even longer if I get some good feedback!)

Please go to the link of the first ever, mermaid coloring page! It's all about lipstick... Then print, download, color, enjoy, then SHARE! Let me know how you did! Instagram me! Email me (my address is on the sidebar!) Tweet me! Comment below! Just send me some mer-color-love!

Your Favorite Mermaid