Friday, September 28, 2012

My DIY MerFrida iPhone Case

I wanted to make something very special for my first, ever, iPhone. I am a total klutz and knew I needed something durable to protect my new expensive purchase. What to make? Had to be a mermaid, that much I knew. But then I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite artists. I started looking around at pictures of Ms. Kahlo and found this one:

She was childless and her pets meant everything to her. This is why I decided to include a SeaFawn with my MerFrida! When I was going through those long four years of infertility, the memory of Frida and her pain helped ease mine, and I found myself talking to her in my head quite often. She comforted me, and I am sure she has comforted many others. Frida was strong, brave, talented, and heartbreakingly vulnerable. So many women today share these same qualities. We, as mothers, artists, career-women, wives, friends, daughters, leaders, thinkers wear so many hats, and, somehow, we manage to do so with grace and dignity. Frida is a symbol of that grace, strength, and dignity and this is why she means so much to me.

I videoed myself creating the final piece for my phone. I used Pelikan watercolors on 130lb watercolor paper. I then scanned the final using a HP Photosmart C4480. In PhotoShop Elements I positioned the image on one of the downloaded iPhone Design templates from Uncommon.  I then uploaded the image to and selected a capsule case. If you would like to order an Uncommon case with my artwork on it, let me know. I have $5 off coupons and would be happy to give you the image and the coupon code for your order. Someday I will figure out how to make my own iPhone cases and sell them in my etsy store. Until then, watch me paint!
Please enjoy:

Watercolor Demo of Mermaid Frida from Heather Rigney on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIVE: A Quartet of Merfolk Tales is now on Amazon!

You, too, can read my new short story, Mermaids Are Not Nice..., in the new anthology, DIVE: A Quartet of Merfolk Tales! That's right, head on over here and download your copy today!

Here's my blurb:


Just so you know, all those stories about mermaids being perky and adorable like nautical cheerleaders are crap.

Just ask Evelyn "Evie” (rhymes with heavy) McFagan, alcohol-fueled funeral director, and all-around lousy mother. In a coastal New England playground, some crazy new chick, named Nomia just spoke to Evie telepathically…or did Evie put a little “something-something” in her coffee again? 

Or maybe this time, despite her husband’s insistence that she seek rehab, Evie’s onto something—something fishy.

Snooty playground mom, Marla, has gone missing and Nomia was the last to see her. Coincidence? Or does the village have a killer trolling around?

Evie is determined to get to the bottom of things…or the bottom of a nice bottle of bourbon; whichever comes first.Maybe she should stick with the bourbon, because as Evie dives deeper into the mystery, she starts to discover that mermaids are not nice…

But you don't just get my story, oh no, sister. You get THREE other tales as well! You will be supporting Rhode Island authors when you click, "Buy it Now". So, go on, download it today! It's only $2.99! And while you're there, be sure to hit the "like" button to give us a self-esteem boost!