Thursday, June 7, 2012

Grand Opening! Etsy Shop is now LIVE!

Please visit my brand new shop on etsy! I'm so excited to be able to publicly sell my work! My little one is excited too. Miss four years old says she would be happy to help you pick out an item if you are having trouble deciding on what to buy. I told her that would make her an art consultant. She liked the sound of that title, even if she had trouble pronouncing the word, consultant. Anyway, I now have a super cool gallery view of my shop over on the top-right of your screen. Please feel free to click and be magically transported to etsy....

Also, here is a new work of art that is, coincidentally, for sale in the shop!

Isn't she just a dish?

One more thing! Mermaids Love Sushi now has its own Facebook page! Be sure to "like" me so you can get shop updates and sale info! As a matter of fact, if you go there now... you might get some Grand Opening Sale deal info!

Happy Swimming! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

"We Three are Happiest Under the Sea," - Commissioned Piece

This mixed media painting was commissioned by a friend of mine. Her beautiful daughter is turning ten on Tuesday and she wanted to (I blush here) give her one of my paintings as a gift. I was honored! My friend really liked this particular mermaid I created awhile back and explained to me that her daughter and her two best friends play "mermaids" all the time. 

Could I somehow create a piece that would capture this time in her life? 

Could I?! 

I was honored and we agreed on a barter. Because my dear friend is such an amazing seamstress, I asked if she would create three throw pillows. So far, she has made me one AMAZING pillow with the word "NERD" on it in orange (you know, my fav color.)

Here is the final piece with a watermark because I am opening an etsy store!
You, too, can have a print of this beautiful artwork (minus the watermark, of course!)

The original sketch. 
You can see where I was trying out the circle technique that can be seen in the final. 
I used a disposable cup and dipped it in fluorescent pink paint.

Partial payment for my painting!