Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Orange and Pink, Please…

My favorite colors are pink and orange. Can you tell? I decided to shake up the blah, blah living room and give her a new frock. She was previously garbed in what we referred to as, "Pottery Barn Beige." I'm over it. My inner voice, who is so loud, all you need to do is look around my home to hear her screaming, could no longer take the whispering solitude of the Pottery Barn Beige. So, off to Pinterest where we found (I'm now speaking as if I am two people--me and the inner obnoxious, design diva OR maybe I am speaking in terms of the royal "we." You know, like, "We will be summering in Cranston this season…) Anyway, "we" found this picture by Lisa Sherry Interieurs. Unfortunately, I could not find the image on the Lisa Sherry Interieurs site. However, I did find it featured on this site:

My inspiration.

I went out, purchased some paint and tape and wah-la:

The balloons are for the sweet little face's fourth birthday party...more on that soon.