Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Frances and the Divine Cupcake,"

She is 36 x 36" on 3/4" plywood. She has been sprayed with clear acrylic and she is ready to be sold at auction. Here she is...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snowboard Design

It's been a dream of mine to design snowboards. A few years back, I was a finalist in the 2004 Roxy snowboard design contest. I didn't win, but I came in top three and scored a Roxy trucker hat. I entered the following year but didn't place. These are the two designs I entered. In all my free time, I think I'd like to design a few more boards...

Esty find - Michelle Maule

I am enamored with an artist's work I found on etsy. Her name is Michele Maule and her subject matter comes in all my favorite flavors: birds, trees, houses, vintage cameras and typewriters (my pink Smith Corona!), and, oh yes, even tea. She has this lovely way of creating ethereal little glimpses of objects. Michelle's backgrounds are created through the layering of ephemera and neutral washes of paint, creating subtle eye-candy that does not distract from her featured object. A lot of her work is collage and mixed-media (which I am fond of), but she does have some wonderful oils as well. Her blog is and she seems to post frequently. I especially like how she shows the progression of her work. It's nice to see how a work can develop and change over time.

The print at the top of this post was purchased from her site and it is worth so much more than I paid for it... Can't wait to get my new artwork in the mail.
Thank you, Michelle!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cupcake Wars Auction Entry

I will be participating in an auction at The Spot Underground in Providence. The event is being organized by RI Food Fights and is entitled, "The Great Cupcake Championship." Bakeries from all over Rhode Island will be competing to wear the Best Cupcake in RI crown. Artwork will be available for auction during the tasting. I am scrambling to complete my entry... but here is a sneak-peak. I took a few photos so you can see the progression of the piece. It's a work in progress and is not finished yet... I'll post a picture once I'm done.
Off to paint!