Thursday, December 1, 2011

More mermaids

Felt the need to draw and a small tag is not so time-consuming. Huge sense of accomplishment proceeded the twenty-minute completion of each tag. Both were pencil sketches inked with .01 and .05 Micron Pens and then colored with colored pencils.

These were inspired by this etsy item. This lovely woman's blog is worth taking a look at. I found her work, inspired by nature, to be very inspiring indeed. She lives in New Zealand and was a former scientist!

Advent Calendar-DIY

 Wanted to help Liv look forward to Christmas with an Advent calendar.

Oh the joy of an Advent Calendar!

Forgive me while I wax nostalgic for a moment...The wonder of opening a tiny cardboard door to find a tiny chocolate candy that tasted faintly waxy and infinitely over-sweet. The knowing that every other day for the next twenty-five days (sibling got the "other" day) I would get to experience the same tiny thrill.

Ah, the Advent Calendar. You bringer of Lilliputian joy.

It really is the little things in life that get your eggnog juices flowing.

So if you are interested in making your own...Here we go!

With the exception of the office stamp, stamp pad, scissors, and tape, we bought the candy, ribbon, and matches at the Dollar Store. The grand total cost of the project was $8. The matches came in ten packs so we needed to buy three. We bought one spool of fancy ribbon (the thin wrapping string we had), and four packs of slender-looking candy (we probably could have got by with three, but we were hungry).
Note: You will also need 1/2" masking tape and white glue (not shown).

Step 1:
Dump out all the matches into a mason jar. Create another cool DIY project in three minutes by cutting out a round circle of sand paper and placing it under the mason jar lid. Wah la! A new match dispenser!
My lovely little assistant demonstrates below.

Step 2:
Set the date on the stamper (or you could use those tiny little number stamps) and allow an assistant to stamp away--until she gets bored with waiting for the date adjustment and wanders over to "sample" the candy. I set the stamp to read, "Rec'd Dec 01".

Step 3:
Cut out all the dates from 01-25 and tape them to the little drawers of the matchboxes.

Step 4:
Let the little assistant stuff candy in each drawer.

Step 5:
Arrange the stuffed and stamp-affixed matchbooks into five groupings as shown. Wrap each group with masking tape:

Step 6:
Once they are in the five groups, wrap each group with ribbon or wrapping paper or whatever!

Step 7:
Arrange all five groups into a tree formation and glue them together with white glue. Wrap with string or more ribbon. Also, I thought about putting a fancy bow on top or maybe even a paper star.


This project was inspired by a find on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I could not trace its origin, but here is the photo:

I thought of doing this as well, but we don't have a spot for it right now.

I also found another site that has some beautiful examples of Advent Calendars.

Happy Holidays!
Your Favorite Mermaid!