Thursday, November 3, 2011

Olive You Martini

This is an oil pastel drawing I did last year and never did anything with it. It was inspired by my mother...which is meant as a compliment!

I really need to get organized and do something with all these drawings and paintings. Maybe etsy is my answer.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

September Heather is so much better

I always start September with a heart full of creativity and a fresh, healthy spirit. I'm tanner, healthier, I eat better, and I am ready to start a new school year with gusto. But by the time October rolls around I am a pale, whiny, sickly, wanna-stay-in-bed version of myself. I am a worm, a blind mole-rat, a cave fish. Pathetic in almost every way. I get sick easily and my spirit becomes broken and sluggish.

No, I don't want to do anything. I'd rather eat carbs and hide under my comforter until spring…
Today I decided that I want to be September Heather. September Heather gets an email about snowboard instructor classes and says, "Bring it." October Heather had started to find ways to get out of the commitment.

It's too much work.
It'll cost money.
What if I get sick?

It was the last excuse that made me realize that September Heather would never say any of those things. She would slap some lipstick on a winning smile and start packing her snowboard gear. She would laugh in the face of cave fish Heather and tell her to get the Hell out of bed. 

So here's to September Heather. May she prevail through snow, sleet, rain, hail, colds, lack of funding, and pasty skin. Although her tan may be gone, her spirit will shine with all the wattage of a halogen. She will take January Heather's frail, sad hand and lift her up, give her a piece of fruit, and then gently place her in the pool at the Y.

Get in there and make laps happen, sister.