Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aquatic Life Studies on Bubble Paint paper

Liv and I found this awesome tutorial on bubble painting. We made a whole bunch of beautiful papers. When our session was over, Liv was clearly all about the process while I was over the moon about the outcome. These pages needed something special. Hence the above. I have been experimenting with watercolors and watercolor pencils. The scans do not really show all the wonderful bubbles in the background, but I'm making the best of our HP all-in-one scanner. The genus and species name was applied with 2010's all-time best Christmas gift:
A mint-condition Smith Corona, like-new condition, in it's original hard-shelled travel case. It had been on my bucket list to own a pink Royal typewriter and my love came through for me by custom painting this ebay gem.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Paint Chip Notebooks

These were inspired from a Handmade Spark tutorial by Packagery

Thanks to my dear friend Sherri (and Christen, even though you only bring Popsicle sticks to the table) whom I have engaged in a craft swap. I have given her the exciting (and daunting) task of creating a crocheted river stone. Oh good luck, dear friend. Good luck.

I'm Back.

Have not blogged in awhile.


Because I needed to make some changes in my life and I did.
Here's my Top-Ten List of Changes for 2011, thus far:
1. Got rid of a lot of stuff. I mean A LOT.
2. Sold our nine-room, four-bedroom home and moved into a second-floor, two-bedroom apartment.
3. Took a leave of absence from teaching.
4. Cut off all my hair.
5. Took up swimming again.
6. Remembered that I like to be outdoors, doing things, living an active life.
7. Lost ten pounds (due to a little treat I brought back with me from a Costa Rican wedding). But it kick started my health craze!
8. Started painting again.
9. Started riding my bike with my little one on the back.
10. Found the time I was craving/missing to hang out with our greatest creation--our daughter.

So here I am. I'm making the best of this new life and I want to blog about it. Read about it if you want. Or don't. But don't get all sad if you miss out on one of my give-aways. Oh yeah. I'm giving away stuff. All the time.

I'm a giver.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A day in my Life-June 6, 2009

Saturday, June 6 was a wonderful day. Livi woke us all up with her chirping at 6:45. She waved to us from her crib and was in a chipper mood. We fed her breakfast and it was off to Babies 'R Us and Trader Joe's. We wrapped up our morning errands at Panera. Livi entertained us while we had ice coffees and she ate a bagel. She managed to point out every single pendant lamp in the dining area as she wiggled her way around the booth. Back at home she refused to take her nap indicating that she was hungry. I fed her lunch and Jeff took a nap instead. Mom and daughter headed to the backyard with a basket and clippers. Livi made friends with ants and red cement mites while I clipped flowers. As Livia played with her car, blocks, and lawn chair, I arranged flowers on the wire table. It was so lovely to be with her and to do something I really enjoy. Every now and then she would chirp to me and smile. She loved looking at the flowers and would return to opening and closing the door to her toy car.