Monday, July 27, 2009

1st ever women's retreat

My dear friend Brooks and I decided to start a women's writer/artist retreat at her new/old cabin in Plymouth, NH. We decided to start it a week before we left and are hoping that next year we will have a stronger participation along with commemorative t-shirts.

The weekend tally:

1. the amount of gorgeous spring fed lakes in front of the cabin

2. the amount of times we moved the dock to enjoy said lake. Once into the water where we realized are strengths lay elsewhere and once back to the lawn when we abandoned the project.

3. the amount of females that there were in attendance--Brooks, me, and Ginger, her dog.

4. the number of phone calls it took to find us a new place to stay when we were invaded by flying ants and Brooks went Agent Orange on their little thoraxes!

5. the amount of times I must have thanked Brook's sister Lori for being our long distance comforter, travel agent, and all-around big sister

We started the trip in Plymouth and ended it at a lovely Best Western in Waterville Valley that allows pets. All in all it was a time to remember and I look forward to doing it again next year!